All India Human Rights Grievances Association


  1. Organize educational and vocational training programme with special focus for deprived sections, women/girls and unemployed youth to provide new skills, the existing skills leading to employment, self employment and income generation.
  2. To help Disabled, Children Youth, AIDS Patient, Ageing People, Drug Addicts, HIV Victims.
  3. To Promote Welfare of Labour Union Rights & Economic & Social Development.
  4. To organize Conferences, Summits, Seminars, Meetings, Discussions, Debates, Study Courses, Collection of Statistics, Exhibitions, Shows, Tour Trips etc.
  5. To Provide legal aid and advice for the indigent and weaker sections of the society.
  6. To make people aware of "Human Rights Duties", privilees, conducting training camps & establish old age homes, residential/vocational schools & Human Rights Camps.
  7. To promote art & culture, maintain, encourage, assist help centers for promotion of Human Rights.
  8. To promote social progress and better standards of life and activity in co-operation with the Government of India and other countries to promote Human Rights Education.
  9. To open Training Camps and Workshops for the development of arts, plays and Culture and raise funds through subscriptions, donations, trade to fulfil the aims and Objects.
  10. To Establish and Conduct centers of treatment and rehabilitation for the victims of violators of Human Rights.
  11. To actively join hands with the Government of India to promote Human Rights Education and help legal, social and economic discrimination against women and their exploitation in different ways.
  12. To publish books, journals and directories discrimination against women and their exploitation in different ways.
  13. To effectively work for gender inequalities, exploitations and injustice as also to encourage/assist talented artists, poets, singers, writers, social workers, journalists, doctors, judges, etc.
  14. To organize and participate in cultural programmes to foster a spirit of nationalisation to achieve co-operation in solving various problems of economic, social culture of humanitarian character and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights.
  15. To help freedom fighters, widows/war widows and orphans and running schools, colleges & similar institutions.
  16. To support and implement any other issues other than what has been mentioned above with respect to Human Rights Violations Globally.