All India Human Rights Grievances Association

All India Human Rights Grievances Association


All India Human Rights Grievances Association (AHIRGA) has developed to become a broad-spectrum, countrywide human rights body. Nationally, the AHIRGA has established a leading role in providing a highly informed and independent voice in the struggle for human rights and democratic development in India - a role increasingly recognised internationally, also. It is an independent, voluntary, non-political, non-profit making, non-governmental organisation.

All India Human Rights Grievances Association (AIHRGA), In Our Steps towards a Vision has reached a Concrete dimension and have Worked for the welfare of under priviliage people for betterment of society. There Were a number of events we have organized in these years to Fulfill its objectives. There is a lot more in the making.

We have a vision of networking with the nations in the world who agree with us to promote human values in the globe. We are contemplating to create an innovative environment and integrated learning network, campus learning and community management network. Our focus is to empower the campus and help reach out to the world to consolidate and deliver knowledge with respect to human rights issues that haunt the world today and to bring about peace, harmony and amity amongst us.



Vision 2025

Our vision is based upon :

  1. A strong focus on networking and collaboration.
  2. The availability of land can attract new industries and students for chair programming.

Increased base funding for academic and outreach, coupled with the State's proven commitment to scholarships and research incentives will secure the kind of future we want for Rural India-with more better-paying jobs, an outstanding quality of life, and affordable and accessible educational opportunities. By the year 2025, we would like to put up a "MODEL CAMPUS" in the different region of rural areas which will serve our purpose.

  1. Educational Facilities
  2. Hostel for Visitors
  3. Educating the masses on Human Values and their Fundamental and Human Rights.
  4. Library
  5. Auditorium / Open Air Theatres
  6. Training Rooms
  7. Digital Library
  8. Computer Lab
  9. Facilities for Research on Human Rights

Head Quarter Office 

  1. Hostel Rooms for the Office Bearers
  2. Guest Rooms for Visitors/Guests
  3. Board Rooms for Discussions

AIHRGA will have reciprocal arrangement with all the Organizations/Government Bodies and NGO's who are funding in the area of Human Rights.

Will invite scholars, Human Rights Activists to study the impact of Human Rights violence in Asia, and India in particular. Their recommendations to voice for Human Rights Violence will be documented and presented to relevant bodies for sequel action.

AIHRGA will also get involved in initiating a Research Project on Human Rights with the help on various agencies. AIHRGA will approach various national bodies to generate resources for the development of unique head quarters. So that we all easely accessible to people to rekindle the hope of gaining justice to safeguards their rights.

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